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Vision and Mission

Hotel Business

  • To be the largest international hotel group of Thai origin.
  • Through the professionalism of Centara Hotels & Resorts and the warmth of its people, provide high quality, international standard hospitality, enriched with Thai traditions, to create emorable experiences and achieve above market performance.
Business Operation Goal

The strategy on business growth has been designated for a period of five years in order to enable Centara’s affiliated hotels and resorts to have significant roles under the business operational frame as follows:

  1. Developing business in Southeast Asian, Indian Ocean and Middle East markets and expanding them to East Asia, Africa and the Caribbean.
  2. Expanding new business opportunities apart from hotels and resorts in order to raise the level of the service business industry.
  3. Developing technology to support service operational processes for the utmost efficiency.


Food Business

  • Being a leading QSR operator in Thailand with presence in regional markets.
  • Providing branded quality products and services exceeding customer expectations.
Business Operation Goal

Our goal is to become the food business leader by expanding branches of the existing brands to cover areas throughout Thailand and provide choice for customers in Bangkok, its surrounding areas and other provinces; expanding our business overseas with the focus on maintaining the high level of product standard; and regularly developing new products including the addition of new brands to the company’s portfolio. Our policy is also to raise employee competency and engagement, as well as customer experience management. The overall purpose is to create satisfaction leading to a solid customer base, and to maintain customer loyalty and appreciation towards the services of CRG’s brands to be consistent in both the short and long term.

Corporate Value - "I C.A.R.E."
is under the practical guidelines of Central Group.
I = Innovation
Create new things – Because we care, we therefore create new things, ensure everything is wide open for every opportunity, and respond always to the challenge of working with more quality and efficiency.
C = Customer
We care for customers – Because we care, we are therefore completely determined to develop our service excellence by significantly placing emphasis on care for our customers.
A = Alliance
Whole business group progress – Because we care, we therefore respect the value of the differences and teamwork for the progress of our whole business group.
R = Relationship
Mental commitment – Because we care, we therefore have heartfelt commitment with our colleagues, partners and societies for sustainable development.
E = Ethic
Focusing on maintaining ethics – Because we care, we therefore focus on maintaining ethics in carrying out our business operations.